Inside Raw Studios, Part 2: A Slice of SciFi Special Report

Actor Thomas Jane (Hung, The Punisher) and Eisner Award nominated illustrator Tim Bradstreet formed Raw Entertainment to produce alternative programming under the Raw Studios banner.

Inside Raw Studios: A Slice of SciFi Special Report

Actor Thomas Jane (Hung, The Punisher) and Eisner Award nominated illustrator Tim Bradstreet formed Raw Entertainment to produce alternative programming under the Raw Studios banner. The Slice of SciFi team was invited into Thomas Jane’s home near Hollywood for a in-depth interview about the realities of getting their production company off the ground.

Win An Autographed Copy of “Dead of Night”

Best-selling author Jonathan Mayberry is back with his new zombie thriller Dead of Night. The novel is set to hit stores and e-readers on October 25. You can check out an excerpt from the novel HERE.

“Walking Dead” Novels Coming

We’re only a few weeks away from the premiere of the “Walking Dead” on AMC.

As the build-up continues over the next several weeks, fans may be interested to know that the print universe of “Dead” will also be expanding. The series will spin-off into print novels.

Preview the New Issue of “The Walking Dead”

While we’re patiently waiting for October and the AMC mini-series, “The Walking Dead,” you may want to check out the original comic book series.

“Patient Zero” Offers New Look at Zombie Myth

“My intention had been to use science to (gently) knock down the backstory to most zombie movies and books,” Maberry told “However during the research I discovered that there was a lot more scientific validity to those monsters. It creeped me out, and anytime something creeps me out that much I think: ‘Man, that would make a great story.’”

Help Write the “Zombie” Bible

With the success of “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” it was only a matter of time before people began looking for new ways to add zombies to classic literature in the public domain. has created “The Stinque Zombie Bible” a new open-source project that allows anyone to improve the King James Bible by adding […]

Man of Steel Wants Brains

The Man of Steel will be going from the savior of humanity to a guy who wants to savor humanity–specifically the eating of human brains. As part of DC’s big summer storyline, “The Blackest Night,” Superman will get the zombie treatment. DC had been trying to keep the storyline under wraps, but promotional materials for […]

Marvel Zombies 3 #1 hits stores

After two successful mini-series, the brain-eating versions of the popular Marvel comic book characters are back for more mayhem in “Marvel Zombies 3.” The first issue hit comic stores yesterday and is already generating positive buzz among fans.

New zombie short story collection hits bookstore

What do you get for the zombie-fan that has everything this Halloween season? How about a collection of some of the best zombie short stoires of the past thirty years feautring such authors as Stephen King, Joe Hill, George R.R. Martin, Clive Barker and Neil Gaiman? From Night Shade Books comes the zombie anthology, “The […]

Tor brings you “Better Zombies Through Physics”

From now until Halloween, Tor is releasing a new weekly comic strip, “Better Zombies Through Physics.” Mixing physics, twisted humor, the undead, and a lot of cats, the series features scientist Erwin Schrödinger give a tour of Quantum Zombies, the series is the brain-child of Jim Ottaviani and Sean Bieri. Ottaviani is the award-winning creator […]

Zombies invade Marvel Comics

Your favorite Marvel heroes will face zombie versions of themselves in an upcoming mini-series. The new series was previewed last weekend at Philadelphia’s World Wizard convention. The new project is Marvel Zombies 3.

Black Cherry Bombshells & DC Comics

The web comic, Black Cherry Bombshells, is in competition for a
publishing contract at DC Comics. They are currently in first place in the running.

It’s about ultra violent girl gangs fighting for survival in a world where all the men have mutated into zombies.

We mentioned this comic back on February 20th hee on the Zombie Channel when it was looking for a permanent home. Now you can view Black Cherry Bombshells at Zuda

A Monster Trilogy

Several of our readers have recommended a monster trilogy of books written by David Wellington. “Monster Island,” “Monster Nation,” and “Monster Planet,” all of which deal with a zombie outbreak.

The first novel focuses the outbreak in New York, specifically Manhattan Island and how the survivors, well, survive. The second novel is a prequel of sorts and shows the origins of the outbreak but also reveals that the outbreak simultaneously happened across the United States. The third novel is set 12 years later after the outbreak has spread globally.

Black Cherry Bombshells: wreckin zombies and runnin booze