“Walking Dead” Set to Get Season 5

AMC’s monster hit The Walking Dead will shamble on.

AMC Plans a New Zombie Series

AMC, where the zombie series “The Walking Dead” has been a monster hit, plans to add another zombie show to its lineup. The new series will launch in 2015

“In The Flesh”: The First 3 Minutes

IN THE FLESH tells the story of the human side of a post-zombie uprising — from the side of the zombies who never wanted to come back from the dead.

Lots of Death On “Walking Dead” Season Finale

The third season of The Walking Dead wraps up Sunday evening with the long-awaited showdown between Woodbury and the crew camped out in the prison.

True Blood’s Janina Gavankar

True Blood‘s Janina Gavankar is an Uber-GEEK who describes a back stage secret on how to Kill a Vampire!

“Mythbusters” Investigates “The Walking Dead”

Check out who will be joining the Mythbusters for their upcoming zombie themed episode.

“Zombieland” Casting News

What roles are filled and who are the first to join the series?

“Zombieland” Series Could Be Coming To Amazon

Could a Zombieland series finally be coming to a stream near you?

Slice of SciFi Meets True Blood’s Danielle

Slice of SciFi‘s Brian Hennessey sits down with Jamie Gray Hyder who plays Danielle in the HBO Emmy Award winning series True Blood to discuss her journey to becoming an actress and her experience on set of the HBO series.

“Walking Dead” Premieres B&W Version of Pilot Episode

AMC is devoting the weekend of July 7-8 to a “Walking Dead” marathon that will include a special black-and-white version of the series pilot

AMC Extends “Dead” Season Three

AMC has given the order for more flesh-eating zombies.

The cable outlet has extended the order for the third season of The Walking Dead. The upcoming season will run 16 episodes instead of 13.

“Walking Dead” Shows A Little Flesh

Warning: If you’ve DVRed last night’s episode of The Walking Dead and haven’t seen it yet, the following article contains SPOILERS.

Take a Sneak Peak at the Extras for “The Walking Dead: Season One”

AMC has sent out a couple of sneak peaks at the extras for the upcoming Season 1 DVD release of “The Walking Dead.”

“Walking Dead” Writing Staff Let Go

As ratings continue to climb for “The Walking Dead,” (Sunday’s episode was the series’ most watched), it would seem that everything is clicking for the AMC series. That is, unless you’re part of the writing team for season one. Seem that your services won’t be needed for season two. Deadline reports that executive producer Frank […]

“Dead” Ratings Rise

“The Walking Dead”‘s audience continues to grow. This week’s episode was the most-viewed episode yet of the freshman series. 5.5 million viewers tuned into the fifth instalment of the AMC’s hit show, slightly more than for the pilot and 15% more than for the previous episode. The season will conclude with the next episode but […]