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Zombie Tower Defense

From WeGame.com, here is a Zombie Lego Strategy game that will entertain you. Set up your defenses to stop the hordes of undead from overrunning your home. Resources are limited so you’ll have to find the best use of your funds or else you and your family will be turned in brain-eating undead zombies. Play […]

Left 4 Dead delayed

The release of the upcoming zombie shooter “Left 4 Dead” has been pushed back from November 4 to November 20 according to reports from Wired. This new release date coincides with the tenth anniversary of Valve’s classic first-person shooter Half-Life. Left 4 Dead will appear on both Xbox 360 and PC platforms.

Resident Evil 5 “Captivate 08” Trailer

Left 4 Dead coming to PC, 360 this fall

At a recent Electronic Arts event in San Francisco, gamers were treated to a preview of the upcoming multi-player zombie epic Left 4 Dead.

How Would You Like To Be A Zombie?

Cyborg Arm Games breaks the zombie video game mold with their new PC first person shooter: “Cry of the Infected.”

In a unique twist on zombie games, gamers can feel what it might be like to be a raging zombie. An entire city of civilians has been turned into zombies as a result of a biological warfare experiment gone wrong.

Gamers play as Robert, a zombie trying to find his missing wife in a city torn apart by the outbreak. Groups of soldiers shoot anything that moves out of their own fear and loss of control. Some zombies attack their own kind in fits of agony. Perhaps worst of all is the crushing hopelessness that Robert must overcome as he rips and tears his way through this abandoned city.

The Dead Awaken

It’s been four months since the infestation occurred. Four months since the dead first began to rise from their graves to feast on the flesh of the living. The world as we knew it ceased to exist. Those that perished only came back to solidify the ranks of the undead. Just when we thought that all hope was lost, we discovered the key to our survival. We discovered that the zombies could be trained…

Now, here in the present day, we are facing a much more horrifying situation. What we once considered to be the key to our survival, has become our worst fear yet. The zombies are beginning to turn against us again. Only this time, they have the ability to think for themselves. They’ve learned how to use everyday objects as primitive weapons, making the zombies deadlier than ever. They’re stronger, tougher and their numbers grow by the hour.


Herbert West has finally succeeded in his ghastly endeavor. But he realized too late the horror he has unleashed.

Now he must subdue his terrible creations before they overrun the Miskatonic Valley.

Hint: Shoot the zombies as they rise and find the weak spots on the lesser zombies.

De-Animator — based on stories from H.P. Lovecraft.

Zombie Fluxx

Zombie Fluxx takes the award-winning card game Fluxx and cranks up the fun with a Zombie uprising.

The Zombies arrive in the form of a new type of card, called the Creeper, which hangs around in front of you, preventing you from winning.

The good news is, the Keepers include a Shotgun and a Chainsaw and various other things you can use as weapons against the Zombies. Plus you’ve got Sandwiches and Coffee and a couple of Friends to help you win.

The bad news is, if your Friends become Zombies, you’ll have to destroy them.

“Rising” To Stem the Zombie Horde

“RISING” is a live action game putting you into the heart of the zombie apocolypse.

You are now part of the story line, where your decisions can change the entire plot, including the outcome. YOU can limber through lazers, kill abhorations of nature, and hopefully put an end to the world that you know now as zombies. YOU can actually help find an end to the distruction, or you may even become apart of it. You will be put to the test against a range of zombie types, a variety of interactive puzzles, and lots and lots of combat. Ever think you have what it takes to survive? This is your chance to find out!

Zombie Fluxx Card Game

“Dead Rising”

There is a new Xbox 360 video game from publisher Capcom. It is specifically for all zombie loving geeks and goes by the handle “Dead Rising.”

Trapped in a mall (hmmm, already starting to sound very familiar). Surrounded by the evil dead, hungry for your sweet breads and you’re running low on Japanese Samurai swords.