“The Walking Dead” — Season Three Review

For the most popular, scripted series on television, you’d think The Walking Dead would be a lot better than it is. Or maybe I should say you’d think the series could be more consistent. A solid stretch of episodes to start season three were ultimately let down by the back half of the season.

Book Review: “Feed” by Mira Grant

The year 2014 should have been a banner one for humanity with cures for the common cold and cancer hitting the market. But then something went terribly wrong as the two cures worked together to create a virus that turns human beings into zombies, bringing on the zombie apocalypse.

Night of the Living Trekkies — A Zombie Channel Review

“Trekkies” is a clever satire that works well enough in small gulps. Each chapter title is cleverly taken from the title of an episode of “Star Trek,” and each chapter is packed with in-jokes and one-liners for fans of each generation of “Star Trek.”

“Zombie Strippers” — A Movie Pulse Review

“Third-rate dialogue, third-rate acting, third-rate storytelling, and first-rate nudity accounts for all of the appeal of Zombie Strippers.”

The American Zombie Has Big Supporter for Their Cause – An HIFF Review

Social programs & organizations dedicated to the advancement of minority peoples have succeeded in becoming recognized throughout the country. The existence of groups such as the JACL, GLAAD, LULAC, AIM, and the NAACP, has left a permanent impression upon the history of our nation. But for countless years, one group has been over-looked by both the government and society at large. One group has been continuously portrayed by the entire film industry from Hollywood to Pittsburg to Italy as being raving savages bent on the destruction of both civilization and flesh. This characterization shall stand no longer!